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Nano Silver Immuno Boost (16 fl oz)


(1) Nano Silver Immuno Boost [16 oz]

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Nano Silver Immuno Boost by Be Smart Get Prepared contains 10 PPM of a patented nano silver technology. Designed to help support the inside of the body by boosting your immune system, allowing your body’s natural defense system to work more efficiently at helping to maintain its natural and healthy state. Nano Silver Immuno Boost by Be Smart Get Prepared provides optimal health and wellness for the entire family.

Immuno Boost Nano Silver is able to function the entire time it is in your system rather than being quickly neutralized. Once consumed, Immuno Boost Nano Silver hits its apex in the blood in 2 hours and is completely excreted in 24 hours. This means that your body is able to experience the benefits of silver daily without the worry of possible build-up.


(1) Nano Silver Immuno Boost [16 oz]

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