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Chill Out Heat Relief – 21 Pieces


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The Chill Out Heat Relief 21 pieces is designed to help you stay cool and overcome the symptoms of heat stress. This first aid kit provides treatments for heat exhaustion, dehydration, bruises, and muscle cramps. Included are U.S. Coast Guard approved emergency water, electrolytes, a thermometer, and multiple cooling solutions to reduce the heat. The soft, nylon material allows for this kit to fit easily inside of a larger backpack.


  • BEAT THE HEAT: Provides treatments for heat exhaustion, dehydration, bruises, and muscle cramps with 20 pieces of heat reducing solutions
  • FIT FOR ANY SITUATION: Ideal for physical activities such as: camping, hiking, and sports
  • BRING IT ALONG: Soft, nylon material allows this kit to be stored inside a larger backpack
  • EVERY KIT CARES: For every kit purchased, we donate on the consumer’s behalf to one community at a time
  • From the leading and trusted manufacturer of first aid kits in the USA, Total Resources International


This First Aid Kit includes:

• 10 Electrolyte Tablets, 5 packs
• 2 Instant Cold Compresses 5 in x 6 in
• 2 Instant Cool Patches 2 in x 4.80 in

• 2 Cohesive Wraps 1 in x 90 in (2 yd 1 1/2 ft)

• 2 Forehead Thermometers

• 3 Emergency Waters 4.22 fl oz

Weight 1.610 lbs
Dimensions 3.50 × 6.50 × 8.50 in
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