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3-in-1 Emergency Escape Hammer


Preparedness Essentials
1 – Escape Hammer

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The highly popular 3-in-1 Emergency Escape Hammer b has all you need to give you peace of mind while on the road. This life-saving rescue tool includes three emergency tools: a glass breaker, seat belt cutter, and flat hammer. The glass breaker has a pointed steel tip that is powerful enough to shatter a vehicle’s side window to allow for an emergency escape. The seat belt cutter uses a safety guarded razor blade to cut through seatbelts. This multi-faceted tool stores easily in your car’s console or door panel & is compact enough to carry with you. Makes the perfect gift.

  • MULTI-FUNCTION: Features Window breaker with protective cover, seat belt cutter, and flat hammer
    o Remove safety cap and use the pointed steel-tipped hammer to smash through windshields or windows to give an escape route (shield your eyes and face from glass)
    o Cut through seat belts with the razor-sharp emergency blade
    o Use flat hammer head to clear broken glass
  • ACT FAST: Perfectly designed for fast, effective action to release yourself and passengers from a crashed vehicle.
  • LIFE SAVER: Life-saving compact device, lightweight, handy, proven to work, easy to fit in glove box, or door pocket.
  • TOP NOTCH: High quality, premium handle with reflective area that can be used to signal oncoming vehicles.
  • ROADSIDE ESSENTIAL: Must have for every car. Small and compact size allows for convenient storage
  • EVERY KIT CARES: Together, we fight child hunger. Every kit purchased provides food and nutrition to disadvantaged communities.


Preparedness Essentials
1 – Escape Hammer

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