Quick Seal Nosebleed Kit is a quick, convenient & reliable solution to properly care for nosebleeds & stops the bleeding FAST.

Quick Seal Nosebleed Kit comes with 2 nasal plugs & 2 towelettes for easy clean up. The nasal plugs are made of a compressed PVA sponge, infused with a very fine powder called Micro Dispersed Oxidized Cellulose - or MDOC. MDOC is an active ingredient that coagulates the blood to achieve clotting, which stops the bleeding in minutes. Once the nasal plug is inserted, it softens like a sponge & rapidly expands to fit your nasal cavity, and absorbs the blood.

With Quick Seal nosebleed Kit, there's no nonsense, no worries and no more hassles. Buy your Quick Seal Nosebleed Kit today - it's the #1 solution for nosebleeds.